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Supporting the Nation's Early Childhood and After-school Workforce

Training Organization Recognition

Training Organization Recognition List

The National Workforce Registry Alliance understands that organizations providing training to early care and education and afterschool professionals in multiple states are faced with time-consuming registry approval processes in each of the states in which they provide that training. 

To soothe this issue, in 2017 the NWRA developed a process with criteria based on best practices to create a list of Recognized Training Organizations. This list may be used by individual workforce registries to expedite approval processes for organizations recognized by the NWRA. Our state members hold an organizational SOAR goal to have 50% of states utilizing this list or standard by 2023. To date, approximately 17 of 45 states follow, weigh, or utilize this commitment to quality as a component in their training recognition.

The criteria for the list address the organization’s design and structure of training.  The criteria do not focus on any individual course, training, or individual instructors. Rather, the focus is on a demonstrated commitment to continuous imporovment by a third-party validation pathway that holds the organization accountable for doing what it says it will do, thereby protecting the adult learner and integrity of the training organization.

Implementing the NWRA TOR criteria is optional with each member registry. Individual workforce registries may choose to approve organizations that have gone through the Alliance vetting process or continue to require organizations to utilize some portion, or all, of the review/approval process specific to their state or region which may include additional quality standards.

Training Organization Recognition Criteria

The intention of this method is to recognize organizations that have demonstrated the following:

  • Instructors have knowledge of adult learning principles.
  • Instructors have professional knowledge and qualifications to teach in the content area of the training.
  • Training provided has clearly stated learning outcomes for the participants.
  • Training content is appropriate to and designed for early care and education or afterschool workers.
  • The hour or CEU value of training is consistently and properly calculated.
  • Training completion is properly documented and stored.

Process for List Inclusion

The organization providing training will submit an application form and the required review fee to the Alliance.

Current accreditation processes encompass the criteria for this program. Organizations with any of the below designations will be considered for application:

  1. IACET or MACTE accredited, demonstrating that it has in place a universal model for the learning process that is continuously strengthened and refined, or
  2. Is an institution of higher education accredited by a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and
  3. All organizations must annually confirm that their accreditation status is active and renew their status with the list.

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View the list of the recognized training organizations here: Recognized Training Organization Listing