“Okay, so registries have good data, but…what kinds of questions can registry data be leveraged to inform?”

| Guest Contributor: Steve Genoway

The Importance of Workforce Data in Early Childhood Education: A Jump-starter Worksheet on the Power of Registry Data

The ability to understand the dynamics of the ECE workforce and make high-confidence decisions about the future depends, in great part, on registry-enabled data analysis insights. Abstract claims of a “workforce crisis” in child care and ECE, should be met with the level of business intelligence expected from our most important enterprises and the capacity to make clear, measurable decisions about reform, investments, and interventions. Registries are doing the work and – in their mandates and missions to capture, check, and update essential workforce data – are positioned to produce ever-current truths about the behaviors, migrations, and sustaining impact of this critical workforce.

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“The universe of stakeholders who benefit from seizing and extending the power of registry workforce data include: children, policymakers, families, economic developers and corporate location strategists, communities, taxpayers, employers, planners, centers of research, and the local, regional, and state lifelong learning talent pipeline.”

– New Systems Ethic, Inc.