State TA Services

ECE & OST Workforce Registries/Data Systems

For over 20 years, early learning professional registries have evolved to become the core infrastructure for professional development systems. Today, registries have grown to provide over 20 different functions across the varied landscape of professional development and career supports.  Today, the National Workforce Registry Alliance (NWRA)  serves as the national representative and acts as a cultural broker helping a multitude of stakeholders get what they need from our ever-evolving Professional Development System.

The NWRA- Central hub for PD Systems and Professional Registries

We provide state advisory services and support for Professional Development Systems (PDS) and Workforce Registries seeking to strengthening their data collection and functions to adequately inform equitable policy and investments for the early childhood and out-of-school time workforce. The NWRA understands each state is distinct and as such, these services are customized to the specific goals, and objectives of the state’s ECE PDS and/or workforce data system.

Our Approach

Our TA approach involves:

  1. Facilitating conversations by catalyzing systems centered in community-based participatory research
  2. Identify common goals with inclusive representation of the ECE & OST workforce
  3. Drive collaborative efforts to generate innovative and data-informed solutions that align with best practices
  4. Create a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure sustained and equitable implementation.

Our Team

As a non-profit membership organization, we are powered by subject matter experts that provide networking opportunities, information and resources, updates, and just-in-time opportunities or nudges with calls to action. We facilitate the registry self-study process and peer reviews that allow states to qualify to contribute data to the growing national workforce data set.  We work to amplify collective learning, elevate voices from the field, and illuminate data from the workforce to inform critical planning, budgets, and initiatives designed to support them. We also absorb feedback and guidance from the field to guide registry growth, user access, and navigation to become a more equitable system where all members of our collective workforce feel they belong and are represented.

See our TA Services available for your state below:

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Member Support and TA

• Expert Facilitation and Community Convening
• Consultation Services
• Connect Networks
• Create Efficiencies in Registry Operations
• Support the Development of Strategic Planning and Registry Cost Analysis
• Professional Development for ECE Workforce Registry Staff and Leadership.

Improve Data Quality

• Workforce Data Quality Assurance Evaluation and Recommendations
• Develop Data Quality Improvement Plans
• Support the Publication of Workforce Data Reports
• Connect Data to Data Consumer/Research
• Strengthen Public Access to Workforce Data

Guide Workforce Engagement & PD

• Career Pathway Alignment: Provide equitable and evidence-based career pathways that align with national frameworks.
• Training Organization Recognition (TOR)
• Support Alignment, Reciprocity, Portability
• Support Best Practices for Professional Development

Strengthen Equity Accountability

• Guide Personal, Operational, and Data Equity
• Advocate for Racial & Income Equity
• Act as an external lever to states for stakeholder populations
• Develop equity roadmaps for systems that promote ECE workforce development


Outcomes of our Work



» Greater workforce inclusion, greater sense of belonging; resulting in stronger representation, policy influence, and customized priorities and better support.


» Registries serve as the neural center for ECE/OST workforce support and strengthen access to quality for all children with sufficient support, standards, and guidance


» Data Informed Decision Making

» Public information hub

» Fully functioning Emergency Broadcast System reaches all providers with critical updates and information


As the central organizing platform, facilitator, and technical assistance hub for Professional Development Systems and Workforce Registries, we maintain standards for quality, alignment, and growth to equitably support the Early Childhood and Out of School Time Workforce.