Montana Early Childhood Project

Serving 1700 with training records for 5500 licensed/regulated staff in Montana since 1998

Registry Information
Participation Status Mandatory for some staff (check all that apply below)
Mandatory For Practitioners  Trainers  Consultants  Other 
Enrollment Period 1 Year
Renewal Frequency 1 Year
Fee to Join 25.00
Renewal Fee 10.00

Registry Functionality
Participant Type(s) Practitioners
Other (Mandatory for directors and teaching staff in QRIS programs in all settings.)
Functionalities Career Ladder / Lattice Assignment
Director Approval
Trainer Approval
Training Approval
Sponsoring Agency Approval
Conference Approval
Training Calendar
Registration / Payment Services for Trainings
Scholarship Administration
Job Board
Tracking Software New World Now, Inc.
Participant Software New World Now, Inc.

Administering Organization
Organization Name MT Early Childhood Project
Organization Type University / Institution of Higher Education
Address Montana State University
P. O. Box 173540
Bozeman, Montana 59717
Contact Dan Stluka
Dan Stluka
406.404.1624 ext 302