Achieve - The MN Center for Professional Development

Serving 7987 in Minnesota since 2008

Growing Futures Early Childhood Workforce Registry

Serving 3475 in North Dakota since 2012

Alaska SEED Registry

Serving 1225 in Alaska since 2006

Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Records System

Serving Nebraska since In development

Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry

Serving 33,942 in Arizona since 2016

The Nevada Registry

Serving 6991 in Nevada since 2004

ECE Workforce Registry

Serving 32,000 in California since 2012

The Aspire Registry

Serving 25,000 in New York since 2012

Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System

Serving 17,602 in Colorado since April 15, 2015

Ohio Professional Registry

Serving 116,255 in Ohio since January 2007

Connecticut Early Childhood Professional Directory

Serving 20,653 in Connecticut since 2007

Oklahoma Professional Development Registry

Serving 13910 in Oklahoma since 2002

The Oregon Registry

Serving 17,807 in Oregon since 1998

Professional Development Registry

Serving 4,200 in Florida since 2008

PA Keys to Quality Professional Development Registry

Serving 58,000 in Pennsylvania since 2006

Palm Beach County Early Childhood Registry

Serving 4,100 in Florida since 2011

Georgia Professional Development System (GaPDS)

Serving 53,518 in Georgia since July 15, 2010

Iowa Child Care Provider Training Registry

Serving 25,239 in Iowa since 2009

IdahoSTARS Professional Development Registry

Serving 3,000 in Idaho since 2003

IMPACT Registry

Serving 120 in Virginia since November 2015

Gateways to Opportunity Registry

Serving 77,000 in Illinois since July 2009

Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center

Serving 6000 in Vermont since 2005

Louisiana Pathways

Serving 15,000 in Lousiana since 2003

MERIT (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool)

Serving 61,000 in Washington since 2010

The Registry. Inc.

Serving 30,177 in Wisconsin since 1991

Michigan Registry

Serving Michigan since Currently in development

Missouri Professional Development Registry

Serving 24,000 in Missouri since 2001

Wyoming STARS

Serving 6000 in Wyoming since 2000

Montana Early Childhood Project

Serving 1700 with training records for 5500 licensed/regulated staff in Montana since 1998