Pennsylvania Professional Development Registry

Pennsylvania Professional Development Registry

Pennsylvania - Statewide
Members enroll one time and if they are not active for 2 years, they become inactive in the PD Registry. Active means that they have applied for the Director Credential, PQAS, Scholarships, CDA Voucher, Career Pathway, or have completed Professional Development.
Operational since 2006
77,000+ members

Registry Information

Participation Status: Mandatory for some staff
Mandatory for: Practitioners Trainers Consultants QRIS Participating Programs Scholarship Participants
Enrollment Period: Other
Fee Amount: None
Fee Frequency: None
Renewal Requirements: No
Renewal Frequency: other
Renewal Fee Amount: None
Renewal Fee Frequency: None

Registry Functionality

Participant Types: Practitioners
Afterschool and Out-of-School-time Staff
Coach, Mentor, Peer to Peer Program
Higher Ed Instructor
School Age
TA Specialist
Functionalities: Career Ladder / Lattice Assignment
Credential Approval
Director Approval
Head Teacher Approval
Trainer Approval
Training Approval
Training Organization Approval
Sponsoring Agency Approval
Training Calendar
Registration / Payment Services for Trainings
Learning Management System
Scholarship Administration
Conference/Sessions Approval
Professional Competencies Self-Assessment
Professional Development Planning Tool
Training & Professional Development Transcripts
Verify Training Attendance, History, & Education
Employment History Verification
Workforce Data Reports
Tracking/Reporting Software: New World Now-Logi data sets
Participant Software: New World Now
Other Software Used: None

Administering Organization

Organization Name: Pennsylvania Key
Organization Type:
Organization Address: 300 North Third Street
Pennsylvania Key
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Primary Contact: Kris Madden
(717) 213-2072