Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network

Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network

Maine - Statewide
Operational since 1999
16,800+ members

Registry Information

Participation Status: Mandatory for some staff (check all that apply below)
Mandatory for: Practitioners Trainers Consultants Other Child Care Licensing QRIS Participating Programs
Enrollment Period: 1 Year
Fee Amount: 0.00
Fee Frequency: None
Renewal Requirements: Yes
Renewal Frequency: 1 Year
Renewal Fee Amount: None
Renewal Fee Frequency: None

Registry Functionality

Participant Types: Practitioners
Afterschool and Out-of-School-time Staff
Home Visitors
Coach, Mentor, Peer to Peer Program
School Age
TA Specialist
Functionalities: Career Ladder / Lattice Assignment
Credential Approval
Director Approval
Trainer Approval
Training Approval
Training Calendar
Registration / Payment Services for Trainings
Learning Management System
Scholarship Administration
Training & Professional Development Transcripts
Verify Training Attendance, History, & Education
Employment History Verification
Tracking/Reporting Software: Internally developed
Participant Software: Internally developed
Other Software Used: None

Administering Organization

Organization Name: University of Southern Maine
Organization Type: University / Institution of Higher Education
Organization Address: PO Box 9300
34 Bedford Street
Portland, ME 04104
Primary Contact: Pamela Prevost
(207) 780-5846