Complete Registry Staffing List – 2024

| Kimberlee Belcher-Badal, PhD

Does your registry have what it takes?

Today, early childhood professional registries are at an inflection point built on decades of slow but steady growth, which allowed them to mobilize quickly when the pandemic hit the childcare industry hard.  Spurred by the individual connections they maintain and the value of the data they capture, state policies slowly began to catch up, requiring early learning workforce members to register for employment or participation in support programs, particularly when serving in a role of direct care. The systems scales have tipped; we are now on a trajectory to project the capacity of workforce datasets encompassing over 1M workforce members. However, the registry’s rapid response to the complex landscape isn’t sustainable without sufficient staffing and skills to support these critical workforce support functions and data access requests. Registries and State Administrators owe it to themselves and the workforce to take a deeper look at how they are equipping registries to maintain continuous quality improvements in data, saturation, and access. Our most recent article asks states to stop and take stock of where they are and how far they have come. To deeply consider existing workforce registry staffing roles and what they need workforce data to do, which questions are imperative to answer with data?  Then, chart a future that enables workforce registry data to complete its lifecycle for optimal impact and contributions to resolving the childcare crisis. Registry functions and correlating staffing roles are outlined for consideration.


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