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Alliance Conference 2021

Nov 8 – 12, 2021

A Visible ECE Workforce

Using Data to Strengthen Equity Accountability

We can not wait to connect with you again virtually and to learn about highlights and happenings in your state! Please join us for another rich and engaging opportunity to learn about ECE workforce development systems, data collection, and registry growth nationwide. This year we will proudly share the results of the 2021 Workforce Data Collection, reflecting the contributions of the PER recognized states. Your conference, your ideas, your one-stop-shop for knowledge and resource sharing! We’ll see you and your team in November!!






And the winners are…

This year’s conference rewarded participation with prizes!

As a reminder, attendees were awarded points for the following activities:

  • Event Login: 50 pts
  • View an on-demand session: 50 pts (possible points varies)
  • View a document in the resource center: 50 pts
  • View a Semi-live session: 100 pts (2000 points available)
  • Visit a Sponsor Booth: 120 pts (1,440 points available)
  • Booth Content Tab Clicks: 25 pts
  • Attend a Plenary Session: (600 points available)
    • Asking the Right Questions” with Becky Millard: 200 pts
    • “Power of Workforce Data” with Soto, Mauzy. Diaz, & Taylor: 200 pts
    • Path to an Impactful Registry;” IDEALS Team: 200 pts
  • Attend a Keynote Session: (1,000 points available)
    • Fireside Chat, with John B. King Jr.: 250 pts
    • “Connections Reimagined,” with Enrique Feldman: 250 pts
    • COVID-19 Mitigation Study Highlights, with Walter Gilliam (Yale): 250 pts
    • Conversations with Dr. Sara Gable (UM): 250 pts
  • Attend the Town Hall: 275 pts
  • Attend an Open Space Cafe Breakout: 300 pts (900 points available)

And the winners are…

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New WorldJabra Speak 710 Wireless SpeakerphoneLaura Cain
New WorldJabra Speak 710 Wireless SpeakerphoneLisa Hagelston
New WorldEcho Show Premium 10.1″ HD w/AlexaHannah McGahey
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New WorldAmazon Echo PlusBrenda Ingalls
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ProSolutionsAmazon Gift Card ($100)Kim McDonald
CCEIAmazon Gift Card ($100)Evelyn Thomas
Enrique FeldmanFree Coaching sessionGregory Allerellie
Enrique FeldmanFree Coaching sessionKelly Fountain
Global LearningIBG Brain Game annual licenseDorene Martinez
McCormickRegistration to an Aim4Excellence ModuleMary M
National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardChristi Everett
National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardKathy Moffett
National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardAmanda Janeshefskie
National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardKo Ng
National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardCourtney Lee
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National Workforce Registry Alliance$75 Gift CardWilliam Kirchhoff
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National Workforce Registry Alliance$20 Gift CardDon Whitehead
National Workforce Registry Alliance$20 Gift CardMaria Perez
National Workforce Registry Alliance$20 Gift CardStephanie Arias
National Workforce Registry Alliance$20 Gift CardPhyllis Kalifeh
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Alliance Conference 2020

September 8-11, 2020

We’re coming to YOU!

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the annual conference has been moved to a virtual platform that promotes access to more people.

This year we are utilizing an Inverted Classroom Approach, whereby we are first offering an information marketplace of pre-recorded sessions that provide opportunities for asynchronous learning (Sept 1-5).

  • Over 25 sessions will remain available to you, on-demand, throughout the month of September.
  • Join us from September 8-11, for our LIVE Days. The live days have important Plenary Sessions and special guest Keynotes.
  • Each afternoon of the live days we are providing an Open Space Cafe for attendees to choose breakout room discussions on topics of their choice. 

We are leaning into innovation and trying something new; we hope you will join us!

Wondering why you should register?

Visit our event page for all the details!

Want to invite someone new?

Share the information packet with them.

What sessions are available?

Click the button below to visit the conference schedule.

Are you new to using Open Space technology?

Click the button below to watch a short 2 minute video.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. John B. King, Jr.

Dr. Walter Gilliam

Enrique Feldman

Partnership Eligibility Review (PER)

The Alliance devised the Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) to determine the level of “readiness” for participation in data-related projects at the national level that inform policy or support quality initiatives. For more information about the PER projects and process, click here.

Alliance Welcomes New Executive Director

Kimberlee Belcher Badal, Ph.D.

The National Workforce Registry Alliance, Inc. welcomes Kimberlee Belcher-Badal, Ph.D., as the new executive director.  Dr. Belcher-Badal takes the reins on November 11, 2019.   She replaces Rose M. Kor, MPA, who has served as the Alliance executive director since January of 2014.

 “The Alliance is excited to welcome Kimberlee as our new executive director,” said Kelly Smith, president of the board of directors.   As a longtime member, Kimberlee has been vested in early childhood workforce development for the past 15 years. As an Executive Committee Member, Kimberlee demonstrated her commitment to the advancement of the organization through the facilitation of a strategic plan, nurturing community partnerships, and identifying opportunities for growth and advancement.

Kimberlee comes to the National Workforce Registry Alliance with a strong background in workforce development, career pathways, and state early childhood and after school registry development. Her doctoral studies focused extensively on mapping state registry developments across the country and possibilities for future partnerships. In the process of conducting early childhood workforce policy developments, she was able to look closely at each state’s system, the intersection of state registries in QRIS systems, and the potential to leverage data collected to influence policy, practice, and preparation.

Kimberlee has been working in and with state early childhood registries in many facets: as a teacher, school director, Early Childhood Apprenticeship Coordinator, TEACH Early Childhood Program Director, policy advocate, and through her dissertation for Indiana University. Kimberlee’s undergraduate degree is a BS in Early Childhood; her master’s degree is in Elementary Education. Her Ph.D. is in Curriculum & Instruction, with a minor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She has training and experience in Dynamic Governance with John Buck and Ted Rau, a certificate in Art Therapy, and has obtained a Montessori Credential. 

Kimberlee is a military spouse, living in Northern Virginia, just south of Washington DC. She has two young children who attend a nature-based school in the region and, after living in 14 states, she is thrilled to live where there are four solid seasons, accessible museum experiences, and rich, diverse cultural opportunities. She is looking forward to working with state registries, Alliance Allies and Partners, and coordinating future opportunities for growth and development!

2019 Alliance Data Set Released

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The National Workforce Registry Alliance today released the Executive Summary of its biennial national data set during its annual conference.

The featured analysis from the data set includes information on the infant/toddler workforce and changes in employment status, education, and roles between the 2017 and 2019 data sets.

“Wages are a perennial problem in the early childhood field. Based on this year’s dataset, center-based lead teachers with a bachelor’s degree had a median hourly wage of $14.73, which is about half that earned by kindergarten teachers ($28.10) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, within the 2019 dataset, those serving the youngest children—infants and toddlers—earned less than their counterparts serving preschoolers. These inequities need to be addressed to ensure that all children, especially our youngest, thrive in childcare settings” said Wayne Mayfield, Ph.D., principal investigator from the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, Institute of Public Policy at the University of Missouri.

“The Alliance is proud of the data that is collected from the Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) approved registries for the national data set and that we are able to provide the quality longitudinal quality data that can inform on the infant/toddler workforce changes in employment status, education and roles,” according to Kelly Smith, president of the Board of Directors for the Alliance.

New Board Members Elected

New members of the Board of Directors for the National Workforce Registry Alliance have been elected.  New members begin their term on October 31, 2019, and will begin their orientation to the board in September. 

There are two new Regional Representatives on the board.  They are Jay Joshi in Region 2 and Christi Moore in Region 4!   

Jay is with Public Consulting Group which operates the New Jersey registry and Christi is with Bright Start From the Beginning at the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. 

The new President-Elect is Diana Diaz of the Aspire Registry in New York. Diana was previously Region 2 representative and is the registry administrator of the New York Early Childhood Development Institute. 

Our current Treasurer Jennifer O’Brien, director of Early Childhood Workforce Development at the Colorado Department of Education will return for a second term in office. 

Also, returning for second terms as regional representatives are Region 6, Paige Cox with the Arkansas Department of Human Services; Region 8, Ellie Gardner with Align the operator of the Wyoming STARS registry; and Region 10, Pamela Deardorff with the Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education. 

New and retiring board members will merge at the annual board meeting in Minneapolis on September 17 just before the annual conference.