The Aspire Registry

Workforce Registry Name: The Aspire Registry

Professional Development System: New York Works for Children

Reach: Statewide

Participation status: Mandatory for educators working in licensed programs operating in the five NYC boroughs and programs participating with QUALITYstarsNY (New York’s quality rating improvement system). All other users are voluntary.

ECE Workforce Population: PER DATA 28,269 active users

Registry Functions and Professional Supports:

★ Career Ladder★ Trainer Approval★ Workforce Data Reports
★ Professional Development Finder (Training Calendar)★ Training Attendance Verification★ Interactive Core Body of Knowledge and Publication
★ Verified Education, Credentials, and Employment History★ Registration/Payment Services for Training★ New York State Early Learning Guidelines Publication
★ Training & Professional Development Transcripts★ Course Submission, Event, and Conference Approval★ Access to the Early Childhood Education Professional Development Institute, including the Career Development Center and QUALITYstarsNY

For more information, visit the NWRA’s Registry Membership Profile



New York is known for a well-educated, highly-skilled, valued, equitably compensated, and committed workforce that serves children birth through eight.


New York Works for Children (NYWFC) exists to advance equitable early childhood workforce policy and to provide support and resources. The system is committed to hold up current applied research and lived experience from the field to inform best practices that focus on workforce development for the professionals who play an essential role in the well-being of children and families.

Core Values

Quality, Professionalism, Empowerment, Collaboration

Winter 2024 Interview with:

Olivia Lasala, The Aspire Registry Director

Please give us an overview of the workforce registry in your state. Who does it serve?

The Aspire Registry was established in 2012 and is the state’s online data platform to support educators’ professional growth. Aspire is part of New York Works for Children, the state’s integrated professional development system. Together, they support robust workforce development for early childhood and school-age professionals who play an essential role in the well-being of children and families.


What is the role of The Aspire Registry within the Professional Development System?

The Aspire Registry is connected with the Office of Children and Family Services and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, New York State’s licensing agencies for early childhood programs. Registry data populates verified records of employment, training, and professional development into reports based upon licensing rules. Members of the Aspire Registry also can find quality assured training through the PD Finder, which confirms appropriate topic areas meet licensing requirements.

Please expand on the types of functions and services The Aspire Registry provides that effectively support and strengthen ECE professionals in your state.


The Aspire Registry supports early childhood education professionals, directors, trainers, family child care providers, and school-age professionals. Every member receives a Career Ladder Level that reflects their education, years of experience, and contributions to the field. Having an Aspire profile helps educators stay organized by centralizing their important documents in an online record verified by experienced Registry Support Specialists. Educators can also connect their profiles to their employers to help streamline the record-keeping process. Directors can use Organization Profiles to track where their staff is thriving, identify areas for improvement, and register as trainers to support their staff’s professional development.

Additionally, organization summary reports offer comprehensive training requirement information to contribute to seamless compliance visits. Aspire also provides an easily accessible platform for trainers to create, update, and replicate courses and take event attendance. Trainers can share their verified credentials and experience through the Aspire Trainer Lookup, and list approved trainings in the PD Finder alongside thousands of verified high-quality training.

Please share how you leverage workforce voices and input in the design and implementation of the registry.

The Aspire Registry uses Technical Assistance feedback to identify areas of improvement based on our members’ suggestions. Aspire continuously works to add features and optimize the platform for better usability.

What equitable approaches or initiatives the registry has implemented to ensure early childhood providers could both succeed and be supported throughout their professional journey?

● Membership with the Aspire Registry is free for everyone. The PD Finder also lists trainings offered at various costs, including those which are free or EIP-funded.
The Aspire Registry Help Center and website are available in English and Spanish, while members can identify their preferred language of communication in their profiles.
● The data the Aspire Registry shares with state stakeholders provides accurate information on the diversity of the workforce and the current state of the workforce to help identify needed areas of support.

What role has the National Workforce Registry Alliance (NWRA) played to support the workforce registry and professional development efforts in your state?

The Aspire Registry is PER-approved! Cleaner data means more accurate information is shared. Our membership with the NWRA connects us to other registries and gives us more opportunities for collaboration.