Workforce Registries

Early Care & Education (ECE) and Out-of-School-Time (OST) workforce registries are integral to professional development systems. They are designed to verify, securely store and track the employment, training, and education accomplishments of ECE & OST teachers and providers. Professional registries across the country are designed to strengthen workforce preparation and exist to support, recognize, and represent those who care for children in ECE & OST care/education settings.

Registries are located within state government, in universities, or at non-profit organizations. They have different functions and vary in responsibilities across states but the underlying goal of creating a single, statewide workforce support system with a record of ECE/OST employment, education, and training remain constant.

Workforce registries provide crucial infrastructure to the workforce and quality improvement initiatives across the country. Performing more than two dozen functions, which vary by state, workforce registries:

  1. Provide Workforce Support
  2. Vehicle for Professional Development Systems
  3. Support Implementation of Child Care
    Licensing Regulations
  4. Act as Hub for the Early Learning System
  5. Track & Report on Workforce Development,
    Education, Training and Recognition

Professional Registries Contribute to Quality in Early Care and Learning by supporting the people who care for children.

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