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Funders, Partners, and Sponsors

Our funders and sponsors are nonprofit allies and corporations working in the field of early care and education or businesses who support strengthening professional registries to ensure all people who care for children have access to the preparation, compensation, and recognition they deserve. They help in a variety of ways, from supporting our annual conference to assisting with information distribution or improving data quality on early learning and out of school time care and education workforce.

Our partners are national allies and non-profit organizations who support the work of publishing, collaborate on research, or facilitate projects that contribute to better understanding and support for the workforce. Partners often offer robust resources, expert staff, and professional team members that lift up the work we undertake, ensuring allies vested in workforce development, social impact, and data quality/access that our work is visible, equitable, and to accessible to a broad audience who can benefit from them.

Funders & Philanthropic Support:

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Conference Sponsors

Our Annual Conference is our primary fundraising activity; it supports our data reports, publications, and staff, allowing us to keep membership fees low. For 20 years, the NWRA has hosted an annual conference. With greater resources, we hope to make the conference a hybrid model to provide maximum access to both the network and the information exchanged, allowing all members of the community to benefit from this rich network of collected wisdom. We are fortunate to have both the patience and confidence of an assembly of generous conference supporters; we hope you’ll be sure to learn more about them.