NWRA Strategic Plan Released

| Kimberlee Belcher


The NWRA Strategic Road Map

We are thrilled to share with you the fruit of three years of leadership, committee, and membership reflection and collaboration!  The NWRA board has adopted and published our 3-year strategic roadmap to strengthen registry data and increase equity accountability across the country.  This exciting publication is a comprehensive articulation of where we are and where we want to go.

Link to NWRA Equity Road Map

Together we can better reach, connect, and support a thriving Early Childhood Workforce. By holding systems, policies, and investments accountable for equitable access, inclusive recognition, and a deeper sense of professional belonging for workforce members. We know we’re better together and we hope you’ll accept our invitation to incorporate your unique role and contribution to this strategic vision toward a more equitable system where all ECE Professionals can soar.

The document is laid out in the following sections, linked to enable easy navigation throughout the publication.
  1. Forward & Enterprise Goals
  2. Historical Context
  3. Centering Equity through Human-Centered Design
  4. Operationalizing Equity
  5. How we plan to do it:
    1. Workforce Engagement
    2. Workforce Preparation & Robust Career Pathways
    3. Workforce Data Quality & Accessibility
    4. Workforce Data Utilization to Drive Research & Policy
    5. Workforce Census & Well-Being Report


NWRA Strategic Road Map: 2024-2027

The development of the NWRA’s Roadmap for Equity Accountability was made possible through support from a generous multi-year (2020-2023) planning grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This grant provided the NWRA with resources to learn, time to reflect, a team to facilitate, and the unique opportunity to turn our attention and planning first inward and then outward, creating a more inclusive, diverse, equitable organization where belonging can be found. This groundbreaking relationship has endured, from the first year (2020), when the NWRA Board established the (B)JEDI Committee, through four years of conference themes, sponsoring a Registry & National Partners Leadership Symposium (2022, D.C.), to co-crafting and publishing the following strategy and plan with NWRA Executive Leaders, Committee, and Member support.

While this plan outlines activity and objectives for the next three years, it puts the NWRA and their 46 state members on an irreversible trajectory for greater inclusion, strengthening participation, preparation, representation, and data that ultimately leads to improved workforce well-being and better outcomes for children. The effects of this have already been felt, as new and prominent national partners steadily come forward, compelled by the possibilities outlined in this roadmap to collaborate in better supporting the workforce and registries that are their professional hub and home. We are actively seeking partners in this work and warmly invite you to consider where we might go together that we can not go alone. 

It is with a depth of appreciation that we extend our profound gratitude to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.