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June 12, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The National Registry Alliance is pleased to release the 2012 Workforce Dataset: A Review of Workforce Trends.The report has been compiled by Wayne Mayfield, Ph.D. from the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri, and presents descriptive analyses on workforce trends.The report features an analysis examining the relationship of age with education level, and provides recommendations for Registry functioning and policy development based upon these findings.

Nine registries provided the data: Connecticut, Miami -Dade County (FL), Maine, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, West Virginia, Wisconsin , and Wyoming.All of these registries completed the National Registry Alliance Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) process and followed the data transfer rules for data submission, in order to participate in the data set.

Given the richness and descriptive nature of these data, we hope that you will find the report informative about the current workforce, issues of saturation, and the work of state registries. Further work regarding the regarding saturation and representativeness of registry data will be forthcoming from the National Registry Alliance.

Best Regards,

Darlene C. Ragozzine,